GoWasabi Catering Service is here to satisfy your business needs for upscale Japanese food including sushi. We do pre-packed platter delivery service as well as on-site chef service suited to your needs.


Platters (Pre-packed & Delivered)
We have various party platters for your specific demands. Our sushi platters and side items will be delivered to your location of function. We use only quality raw materials and prepare our products under strict HACCP guidelines , which is a scientific procedure for food safety. Our products are regularly lab tested to ensure customers’ safety. Cold entrees with Tuna, Salmon, and Eel are available as well as Cold Noodle and others.

On-site Chef Service (Sushi Station)
If you need a sushi chef at your site, we have a solution. Our sushi chef will be at the function site with all materials needed to serve your guests. All you need to do is tell us when, where, how many people, how long and the kind of service you need.

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