Kosher Sushi


We, GoWasabi, have been operating sushi, Japanese and other Asian food manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing business since 1994 covering New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  We added Kosher Sushi (brand name: YangNyum) and Kosher Asian Food line from June, 2012.  It is Kof-K Certified Kosher.

We prepare kosher sushi retail packages for wholesale and provide Kosher sushi catering platters.

We have been operating more than twenty sushi bar concessions in supermarkets and food service outfits.  Our Central kitchen in Long Island City, NY has supplied Kosher and Non-Kosher sushi and other Asian foods to satisfy the needs of cafeterias, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, and caterers.

We are a regional products supplier to Aramark, a model market vendor to Compass Group, and a compliant vendor to Sodexo, and a vendor to supermarket chains including Fairway Market and ShopRites. Our PLI covers up to US $ 10 million.


Alex Kim

  • Tel: 718-937-2120
  • Cell: 718-614-6491
  • Fax: 718-937-2328
  • Email:



Salmon (sake) $2.99
Tuna (maguro) $2.99
Surimi Stick (kani) $2.99
Yellowtail (hamachi) $2.99
Hosomaki (6 pcs)
Salmon $6.99
Avocado [V] $5.49
Carrot [V] $5.49
Dried Seaweed Outside Roll
Tuna (tekkamaki) $6.99
Cucumber [V] (kappamaki) $5.49
Asparagus [V] $5.49
Uramaki (9 pcs) Inside Out Roll
(Served with sesame seed sprinkled)
California cucumber, avocado, kosher surimi stick $6.49
Salmon Avocado salmon, avocado $7.49
Salmon Skin broiled salmon, cucumber, unagi sauce $7.49
Spicy Salmon salmon, chili, mayo $7.49
Salmon Tempura salmon tempura, cucumber , unagi sauce $7.49
Tuna Avocado tuna, avocado $7.49
Spicy Tuna tuna, chili, mayo $7.49
Surimi Tempura kosher surimi tempura, cucumber, unagi sauce $7.49
Spicy Surimi kosher surimi, chili mayo $7.49
Yellowtail yellowtail, scallion $7.99
Seattle cucumber, broiled salmon skin,
kosher surimi & avocado on top, unagi sauce
Rainbow cucumber, avocado, tuna,salmon, surimi $11.99
Crunch California (big 5 pc) cucumber, avocado, kosher surimi stick $6.99
Crunch Spicy Surimi (big 5 pc) kosher surimi, chili mayo $7.99
Cuke & Avo [ V ] cucumber, avocado $5.99
Carrot [ V ] Carrot $5.99
Asparagus [ V ] asparagus $5.99
Shiitake Mushroom [ V ] shiitake mushroom, unagi sauce $6.99
Sweet Potato Tempura [ V ] sweet potato tempura, unagi sauce $6.99

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